• Oct 20, 2017, 13:14

    Restructuring proposal

    Proposed financial restructuring of the group. The principal owner of Frode Bjørn AS, Torpevikvegen 4-6 Eiendom AS, will sell 100% of Frode...

  • Aug 3, 2017, 09:12

    Forland Inspector - Time charter

    Forland Subsea AS has entered a time charter party with a first-class client for the Forland Inspector (ex. Lewek Inspector). The vessel will be...

  • Aug 2, 2017, 09:56

    Contract termination

    Forland Subsea II AS, which bareboat charters the Fugro Saltire from E Forland AS, has received a notice of termination for convenience from time...

  • Jul 28, 2017, 20:22

    Flag / Name change - MV FORLAND INSPECTOR

    Flag change from Malta (Valletta) to Cyprus (Limassol) and Name change from ‘Lewek Inspector’ to ‘Forland Inspector’ was done during July...

  • Apr 21, 2017, 12:50

    Change of managers on Lewek Inspector

    Change of managers from Forland Shipping AS to OSM Offshore AS, was performed in Walvis Bay, Namibia on Friday 21. April 2017 at 12:00 hrs. GMT &...

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Ellen M Forland was ahead of her time and a pioneer in the North Sea seismic industry. Together with her husband Mikkel R Forland, she established a shipbroking firm and, in the early 1960s, they were the first in Norway to operate vessels for the seismic industry. Mikkel R. Forland was primarily a well-known ship broker, while his wife Ellen became the shipowner.
Ellen M. ForlandEllen Forland started her own shipping company in 1973. From the start and during Ellen Forland's management, the company has sailed under the Norwegian flag and has attracted favourable attention for its high-standard modern fleet and its focus on safety on board. When Ellen Forland first became interested in seismics
in the early 1960s, seismic shooting was carried out using dynamite. This was before the discovery of oil in the North Sea, and Mrs Forland was a true pioneer who set an example
for others in the maritime industry.
The Forland fleet during Ellen Forland's managment
Ellen Forland prided herself on ensuring that the ships were among the best in the world.
She assumed ownership of her first vessel with the conversion of the MV ARA into the MV SEISMARINER for Seismograph Service Ltd. The conversion was carried out by
Bergen Group BMV yard at Laksevåg in Bergen in January 1973. At the same time,
she continued to manage MV SEIS SEARCH on behalf of other owners.

The shipping company’s second vessel, the MV SEISVENTURER, was custom built for Seismograph Service Ltd. at the Drammen Slip & Verksted yard in 1986.
A test tank was used to develop the hull, so that it would produce a minimum amount of noise in water. This vessel was also the first to use water guns for subsea seismic surveying.
The MV SEISVENTURER was sold in 1992 and now operates under the name CGG VENTURER.

In 1990, ship broker Mikkel Forland procured the hull of a trawler from Pattje Shipyard in Holland. The hull was towed to Norway and fitted out as a seismic research vessel for Seismograph Service Ltd. In spring 1991, the vessel sailed from Hellesøy Verft yard under
the name of MV SEISQUEST. After undergoing extensive conversion work at the
Mjellem & Karlsen yard in 2001, the vessel was put into operation as a seismic vessel for
the seismic surveying company Veritas DGC in Houston in the USA.
In 1993, the purpose-built seismic survey vessel MV SEISRANGER was completed at Hellesøy Verft yard. In 2001, it was converted into a state-of-the-art ROV/construction vessel for underwater inspections for Halliburton/SS7.
More vessels have subsequently been acquired. The seismic vessel MV GEO CELTIC was launched at Bergen Group BMV yard in 2007. The vessel is very well equipped, including facilities such as
a cinema, swimming pool and gym. The offshore construction vessel MV FUGRO SALTIRE was delivered by the same yard in 2008. The vessel operates in the subsea segment and is equipped to the company’s renowned high standard. The MV GEO CELTIC was sold to Fugro in 2010.

The Grand Old Lady
Ellen Forland was driven by love of her ships and their crews. She set the standard. Close collaboration between the offshore and onshore organisations and quality always came first.

Credit given where credit is due. Ellen Forland was a highly respected shipowner who meant a great deal to the maritime industry. She received numerous awards for her efforts over many years. In 2007, she was awarded the King’s Medal of Merit. In the same year she was also honoured by the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA), when she received the ‘Shipping Name of the Year’ award. If one were to point out one typical female trait Ellen Forland had, it would have to be her modesty about her own contribution.

Ellen Forland passed away in January 2010 at the age of 83. There was never an uneventful day for this dedicated woman. Right up until her death, she remained the CEO of the company and was at work every single day.

New generation
In January 2010, Frode Bjørn Forland took over responsibility for running the shipping company.

The company’s headquarters are situated in scenic surroundings on the shore of Nordåsvannet lake, just south of Bergen. It is said that the famous Norwegian writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson found the inspiration to write the Norwegian national anthem ‘Ja vi elsker dette landet’ on these premises which was previously part of the Wernersholm estate. Forland Shipping definitely has an air of history about it.

a film about the shipping company - long version 6:26 sec the film - short version 3:41 sec